Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis

Beyond supplying Macdermid Oceanic and Erifon fluids, we help to maintain the fluids in pristine condition to optimize the operational life of equipment. Regular monitoring is also beneficial for predictive and preventive maintenance.

Our laboratory service and fluid monitoring programme provides additional customer satisfaction as part of our brand promise and changes the dynamics of our offering from just commodity to technical sales


Cinalt Resources Limited, in conjunction with MacDermid, provides laboratory analysis for used oil samples and offers the option of inclusion in the Fluid Monitoring Program. Laboratory Analysis are performed in the Cinalt Resources laboratory in Port Harcourt and also at the MacDermid facility in Wigan

Location & Facilities

We manage distribution assets in both Lagos and Port Harcourt (warehouses and offices), a network of logistics support providers and cutting-edge technology to support every area of our operations.

Unique Selling Proposition


Our partners are foremost providers of a wide range of market-leading maritime/offshore products and services to over half of the world’s merchant fleet and offshore projects.


Our products are designed to work with the toughest marine and deep offshore conditions.


As distributors and not agents, we maintain a local inventory of all the product ranges to support our clients’ immediate needs and we have the capacity to stock our clients’ requirement on their behalf.

Technical Support

We provide in-country laboratory analysis and after-sales technical support (local and OEM).

Local Content

We are, through our partnerships and local operations, advancing the development of Nigerian talents by providing thought leadership in our areas of expertise and knowledge transfer. We firmly and proactively support the Nigerian Content Act in the Oil and Gas industry.